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STANDARDE is creating a Branded-Network of Hyperlocal Stores across various segments in the Retail & Service sectors. By leveraging existing Local businesses in every neighbourhood - and enabling them to serve the Daily needs of the local Consumer - 

in a much more Organised, Technologically Advanced & Efficient way.

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Enable an end-to-end Transformation of Hyperlocal Stores across various segments to make them more Discoverable (Physically & Digitally) - to serve the Daily-Needs of the Consumer in a more Organised Manner.


Creating a Connected Hyperlocal-Ecosystem experience, where Consumers have a seamless omnichannel access to various Retail & Services in their neighbourhood through a web of interconnected businesses - the STANDARDE Network.


Conglomerate Thinking, Startup Execution.

At STANDARDE, every Product or Service we build, we build it Bigger, Better & Faster - imitating the might of a Conglomerate, but the Nimble Execution of a razor-sharp focused Startup.

Design & Aesthetics - a way of Life.

We want everything we do, to be the outcome of Great Design. At STANDARDE, every action big or small includes Design at its core. Whether it is internal tasks, building Products, or Consumer-facing Services - we want it to look and function GREAT.

Tech - at the heart of every action.

Tech is at the heart of every action we do. We love to build In-house, because we want to build it great. As the saying goes, for every piece of Tech we build - there is the Industry way, and then there is the STANDARDE way.

Profitable Scalability.

Scalability coupled with a clear path to profitability is what we strive to achieve at STANDARDE. Every Product or Service we are building has the focus on profitable unit-economics built right into it from day one.

Ecosystem Mindset.

Everything we are building is based on the core foundation of 'Ecosystem-thinking'. Products & Services we build will always complement and enhance each other forming an Ecosystem of products.

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